We want to enjoy food that is delicious, beautiful, sustainable and created according to the cycle of nature.

ICONIC STAGE’s dishes and sweets made this style of eating come true.

Dozens of varieties of edible flowers (*1), herbs (*2) and leafy vegetables (*3) are grown hydroponically at the SustainuS farm on the third floor of the same building.

These are carefully grown without pesticides using LED light and are used to make sweets in the SustainuS kithen on the first floor and dishes in the café on the ground floor.

We also receive a daily supply of non-standard vegetables from contract farmers in the local area, helping to reduce food waste.

The ICONIC STAGE’s original menu, which stands out for its freshly picked flavors and aromas, is created by Yuka Macaron, a leading expert in catering.

Fresh ingredients are transformed into picturesque sweets and dishes that are full of flavor, color and aroma. Enjoy our menu that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

The SustainuS farm and SustainuS kitchen are open to visitors who are interested about the food experience here. The café space can also be used as a shared kitchen and a place to learn about food.

Only in a cycle that is friendly to people and the environment can truly delicious taste be created.

We hope to share with you ICONIC STAGE’s lifestyle.

*1 Viola, Dianthus, Snapdragon etc. *2 Rocket, Basil, Watercress, Dill, Red sorrel, Italian parsley, Chervil, Coriander, Thyme, Spearmint, Rosemary, Lemongrass etc. *3 Silk lettuce, Frill lettuce, Komatsuna etc.
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    RF roof terrace
  • 5F
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    JOBIA reception
  • 3F
    SustainuS farm
  • 2F
    ICONIC STAGE kitchen
  • 1F
    Iconic stage patisserie
    Iconic stage cafe
1階patisserie&cafeをご利用される方は、3FのSustainuS farmを見学可能です。

Macalon YUKA



Macaron YUKA


Later graduating from Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, French and Italian master college, she moved to France and received a culinary arts diploma from Paris’ Ecole Ritz Escoffier.

She has trained at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris, including “L’Espadon” the main restaurant of the “Ritz Paris”, and three-star restaurants “Pavillon Ledoyen” and “L’Arpège”.

She is one of the first people to start catering in Japan. However, she has established a style that differentiates from catering by cooking a course meal for her clients on the spot and also coordinates the dining area. As a French gastronomy chef, she is requested by clients from all over the country including embassies, corporate receptions, politicians, chairmen of companies and artists and is able to offer a unique and personalized style of cooking, from full course meals to desserts. In 2010, she was in charge of coordinating the dining space at the Japan APEC Summit and Ministerial Meeting Dinner in Yokohama.

In addition to running “Le Macaron YUKA”, a French and Italian cooking school in Daikanyama Tokyo, where many professionals participate, she is active in a wide range of fields, including recipe development, corporate product development, lectures, magazine articles, and TV and radio appearances.

In recent years, she has expanded her business to include supervising businesses such as, the ELLE café in Aoyama, weddings at “Rivera Aoyama” and “Rivera Tokyo”, the restaurant “ULTRA BLUE” in Okinawa, weddings and restaurants at the villa “Birth -the suite-” in Okinawa and guesthouses in entrepreneurial businesses.